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  • ONLINE BIBLE Advance Starter Pack OS..Win95/98/NT/ME/XP/2000
    Contains the Online Bible Millennium Edition 1.20 with Authorised Version Bible, Eastons Dictionary, TSK and Greek/Hebrew Lexicons. Same program as next with more material added.9.60 MB..
    October 07/02
  • Download Program Update  1.65 MB The Online Bible Millennium Edition 1.20.This program file will update your previous version.NOTE: Windows XP users please click here if you are having display problems with the Online Bible program.


  • e-Sword - the free Bible study software for Windows : e-Sword has many features and Add-in's available that makes the study of God's Word both enjoyable and enriching.
    The basic download includes:
     King James Bible Translation with Strong's Numbers
     Easton's Bible Dictionary
     Matthew Henry's commentary
    Add-in Translations Available:
     American Standard Version
     Bible in Basic English
     Darby Bible
     Greek New Testament w/ variants
     King James Version
     New American Bible w/ Apocrypha
      World English Bible
    Webster Bible
    Young's Literal Translation
    Add-in Commentaries Available:
    Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge
    John Wesley's Notes on the Bible
    Add-in Dictionaries Available:
    Hitchcock's Bible Names
    International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
    Nave's Topical Bible
    R. A. Torrey's New Topical Textbook



  • AV (KJV)  1769 King James Authorised Version 2.52 MB
  • Apocrypha The 1769 Apocrypha by Oxford Press  435 K
  • ASV 1901 AmericanStandardVersion 1.76 MB
    Bible in Basic English  was printed in 1965 by Cambridge press in England. 1.53 MB
  • Darby A literal translation of the Old Testament (1890) and  the New Testament (1884) by John Nelson Darby.1.61 MB
  • Douay 1899 Douay Rheims American
  •  Version.1.61 MB
  • Douay APC The 1899 Douey Rheims Apocrypha.364 K
  • IGNT Interlinear Greek NT Keyed to Strongs 1894 Scrivener Textus Receptus. 1.18 MB
  • JPS 1917 Jewish Publication Society Old Testament..29 MB
  • LXX Greek Septuagint Version.1.34 MB
  • LXXAPC Greek Septuagint Apocrypha 270 BC.438 K
  • LXXE an English translation of The Septuagint by Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton, originally published in 1851  1.36 MB
  • Modern Greek Modern Greek Text.2.05 MB
  • Unaccented Modern Greek Text.1.96 MB
  • RAPC Revised Apocrypha.Size: 480 K
  • Revised Webster Revised 1833 Webster Version.2.52 MB
  • Rotherham The Emphasized Bible by J.B. Rotherham, originally published by Samuel Bagster and Sons in 1902. 1.76 MB
  • RVA89 1989 Reina-Valera Actulizada (Spanish Bible).1.63 MB
  • SEV Las 1569 Sagradas Escrituras Version Antigua. Revised  in 1999. 1.67 MB
  • Textus Receptus1550 StephensTextus Receptus,1894ScrivenerTextusReceptus. 969 K
  • Vulgate Jerome's 405 A.D,Latin Vulgate.1.7 MB
  • Vulgate Apocrypha Jerome's 405 A.D
     Latin Vulgate Apocrypha. 414 K  
  • Webster Webster Bible. The Holy Bible containing the Old and  New Testaments, in the common Version. With ammendments 
    of the language by Noah Webster LL.D. 1833.1.63 MB
  • WeymouthWeymouthNewTestament.570 K
  • Westcott-Hort 1881 Westcott-Hort Greek Text.972 K
  • Young's Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible by  J.N.Young 1862, 1898.1.59 MB


Online Bible Manual (pdf)l
Online Bible manual in pdf format. Run downloaded file to extract. Requires Acrobat Reader to view.

1.17 MB

 Online Bible Manual (RTF)
Online Bible manual in rich text format. Run downloaded file to extract. View with MS Word or WordPad.133 K
Advance User Manual
Advance user manual in pdf format. This manual is explains the options available when turning on "Advance User Mode" under "Tools > Customise Settings." Run downloaded file to extract. Requires Acrobat Reader to view.660 K

Program Files Latest program update and basic starter modules.
Choose from a selection of books and topics such as Pilgrim's Progress, Holy War, Children's Bible Stories, Thompson Chain Topics
Educational Material
A collection of educational material suitable for home schooling. Includes titles such as the McGuffey's Readers, History of Ontario, Queensland Book V Reader.
Utilities Files
Tools to assist you in creating your own modules. Includes an archive program and also the update for the Win 98 help
User Made Modules
Material sent to us by users. See the news page for details.
Add-on dictionaries and lexicons.

and other


Download the FREE 
3.429 MB


Download the FREE
 2.04 MB





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  • Bible Study Free
    Christian Ministry offers students free Bible
    study classes.Sign up for an online 
    instruction, or register to take an e-mail or
    postal correspondence course.

  • Children's Bible Stories
    Various Bible stories with pictures. Designed for children of all ages.  3.62 MB  2002/08/14


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FREE Christian Downloads


All Download files are self-extracting installation files

BibleDatabase Software
Choose to download the full software or the update only if you have previously downloaded SOFTWARE
Developer Tools and Add On Software
Add On Programs and goodies for Developers - HTMLCompiler, Character Mapper, Word Builder etc. Add On
Bibles - (Must download at least one for the SOFTWARE to work)
Bibles in Dutch Dutch
Bibles in French French
Bibles in German


Bibles in Greek (Modern as well as Ancient Greek).


Hebrew Bibles (also Hebrew Bible in English) Hebrew

Bibles in English


Indonesian Bibles


Bibles in Languages other than English, Greek, French and Spanish. [The only reason these Bibles fall into the category of "other" is because there is only one for each language at this time. As more Bibles for a particular language become available they will move to their own language category].


Spanish Bibles


Unicode Bibles.
NOTE: The Bibles on this page are intended for use with HTMLCompiler only. Although BibleDatabase modules, they will not display correctly in BibleDatabase. You can use these Bibles with HTMLCompiler to create Bibles in HTML for your own use or you can upload them to your website for others to read online. Please see the documentation on HTMLCompiler for more information.

Unicode Bibles

Bible Commentaries
Peoples New Testament (PNT)
The Revised Version By B. W. Johnson author of "a vision of the ages," "commentary on john," "international lesson commentary," etc.
Matthew Henry (MHC) MHC
John Wesley's Bible Notes - Commentary of the Bible Wesley
Bible Dictionary

Easton's Bible Dictionary
These Dictionary topics are from M.G. Easton M.A., D.D., Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Third Edition, published by Thomas Nelson, 1897. The illustrated portions of the Dictionary have not been included.



Biblical Names (meaning of)

Translation Notes (These notes contain information about corrections as well as source information on the various texts) NOTE Software Ver 0.2.60 or later required. Translation Notes
Map Pack #1 – Maps and Archaeological findings of Biblical interest (40 maps in map Pack 1-3) Map#1
Map Pack #2 – Maps and Archaeological findings of Biblical interest (40 maps in map Pack 1-3)  Maps #2
Map Pack #3 – Maps and Archaeological findings of Biblical interest (40 maps in map Pack 1-3) 

Maps #3

Downloadable HTML Bibles
Download Bibles Precompiled to HTML for immediate use on your PC or Website. There are two formats available:
Multiple HTML - Zipped,
CHM Modules in Microsoft "Help" format

HTML Bibles